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Chris Charbonneau is a leading reproductive rights and healthcare leader and a former 40-year CEO at Planned Parenthood.

She led a Planned Parenthood affiliate spanning 6-states (Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky and Indiana) that operated 45 health centers and provided medical services and sexuality education to more than 122,000 women, men, and teenagers each year.


In her tenure with Planned Parenthood, Chris has changed laws and health policy in a number of states, proved that it is sex discrimination for employers to fail to cover contraceptives if they cover other pharmaceuticals in employee health plans, co-founded Planned Parenthood Online and Planned Parenthood's own laboratory to do STD tests. She was the Board Chair of Afaxys, an organization she helped to found to secure supplies of affordable contraceptives for Planned Parenthood affiliates, health departments and health organizations serving low-income women.

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